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USS Sunfish  SSN-649

This USS Sunfish (SSN-649) website is dedicated to the men who served the United States aboard this able boat. Her undaunted crews were ever committed to ensuring freedom of the seas by maintaining a battle-efficient vessel. We’re grateful for all that stood behind this submarine: from keel laying to decommissioning. The list includes shipyard and support personnel, and in particular the families that have endured many sacrifices in the interest of the US Navy’s diverse missions.

There’ve been two US submarines named for the giant Ocean Sunfish, (Mola Mola). The first USS Sunfish SS-281 was a Gato-class diesel boat built by the Mare Island Shipyard in 1942 and the second USS Sunfish SSN-649 was a Sturgeon-class nuclear powered fast attack submarine built by General Dynamics at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, MA with the keel laying in 1965.

— Both boats are proud to have had a chance to be in the service of this great nation —

USS Sunfish SSN-649 Sturgeon-class submarine

Keel laid by General Dynamics in Quincy, MA on January 15, 1965. Launched October 14, 1966 sponsored by Mrs. Robert C Byrd and commissioned March 15, 1969. The submarine was decommissioned on March 31, 1997 and disposal completed through the Submarine Recycling Program at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on October 31, 1997.

USS Sunfish SSN-649 Reunion Information

USS Sunfish SSN 649 reunion info.

Attention All Sunfish Sailors and Families…

We enjoyed our 50th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Sunfish SSN-649 reunion June 26-30, 2019 in Norfolk, VA.

Hopefully, you’ll be joining us for the next get together scheduled to be in Branson, MO — June 23-27, 2021. We are not cancelling because of COVID-19. Updates will be posted ASAP if the circumstances change.

The Hotel reserved for the reunion will be:

The Stone Castle Hotel
3050 Green Mountain Dr
Branson, MO 65616
(417) 231-4654 or (800) 677-6906

You can make your reservations anytime! The cost per night includes a Banquet Room, a Hospitality Room, free parking, free WiFi, Breakfast for the number of people in your room. Cost per night starts at $84.00 plus taxes.

Some of the things we are looking into to do as a group are "The Showboat Cruise" with a meal and show. "The #1 Hits of the 60's Show - including songs from the 50's through the 70's." We also found a Chapel called "The Shrine of the Holy Spirit" for our Memorial Service, and will be able to have a Color-Guard as well!

Please make your Hotel Reservations as soon as possible.
Let them know you're with the Sunfish group and those prices will be good for three days before, and after the reunion.
The 2021 Reunion Itinerary and Registration Form are available for download. We needed to have your registration in by April 24th in order to purchase event tickets so please email us to make contact so we can get your registration ASAP. If you have made a hotel reservation but not sent in your registration form or have sent in a registration form but have not made a hotel reservation please do so soon. This effort on your part will also help us in our planning as it gives us an idea at the number of attendees.

Make sure that you keep checking back here for updates. You can join the Sunfish groups on Facebook for another place to stay posted.

Each of the previous gatherings have been a memorable experience. Not only is it exciting when you run into shipmates from your time on the boat, but also great to meet Sunfish sailors from different eras and hear their 'stories'. Please pass the word to former crew with whom you have contact and encourage them to attend.

Hope to see you in Branson !

We’re continually hearing from additional Sunfish sailors so try to get in touch with those you knew and encourage the men to sign up. More than anything else, direct contact with your shipmates will get `em fired up about coming to the reunions. We try to keep a current sailing list so please write to the address at the bottom of the page with your updates, and give any general comments you might have. If you don’t know the information needed to find someone you served with, drop us a line because we may be able to help get you connected. Don’t forget to visit the log book by clicking on the button above and also read `Last Voyage of the USS Sunfish: The Closing of a Circle´ before you leave.